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​​                                 Palace of Paws 
​Located in Concord, NC -
​We are a family of Animal lovers and a weak spot for GSD's.   We are trying to help animals who can not help themselves.  Animals who were promises a life long commitment but was sold short for whatever reason.  We are here to help!  
We help with Transport/ Fostering ​

Feel free to email any questions!
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a little about who we are :

Steven ( owner )  was born and raised in Bradenton FL, He has been involved with racing all his life. Moved to NC in 2005 to work  for a company​

He has been with this group for about 8 years now, they are FAMILY - GO JOEY COULTER !!! 

Rebecca - ( co-owner ) born and raised in Long Beach CA moved to NC in 2006 with  2 children ages 10 and 12

​ Met Steven 2008 in Concord NC  
We Married in Murphy NC in 2010 -  we have a heart of Love to give for children and animals.  We want to help all who can not help themselves due to a broken promise! 

Story of the Month

Meet "Bear".
Bear is a year old " Liver Sable German Shepherd " 3 years old.
When we rescued him from a kill shelter he was severely malnourished/underweight
as seen in the picture which made us want to save him.

We have had him with us for 2 months now with and extensive feeding schedule with special food .Even after Bear has put on 31lbs, his hips still seemed to bother him. The vet said to give it some time for his weight to settle and strengthen joints and muscle. We couldn't bare to see him struggle so we took him to the vet for and more extensive check. X rays revealed that Bear has hip dysplasia. We caught it early and are going to try the joint injections along with Cosequin Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Supplements and a vitamin supplement.

Because we are a non profit rescue.
We are reaching out and asking if anyone can help by donating towards Bears treatments it would really help.
When he was pulled from the shelter he was weighing 46 pounds at 3 years old.
The shots are $60.00 every 3 days for 12 days then once a month
The Cosequin is $40.00 a month. and Vitamin Supplements are $30.00 once a month.
Vet bills already have reached over $750.00 in the 2 Months we have had him. Still needing more vet care.

Any Donations can be done with pay pal at palaceofpaws@live.com
 Photo of Before 8/20/2013 then  10/16/2013
Aug 2013 the say he was pulled
at the vets 10/16/2013